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A New Day: Chef James Celebrates His Son's Baby Shower

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A New Day: Chef James Celebrates His Son's Baby Shower
A New Day: Chef James Celebrates His Son's Baby Shower

Video: A New Day: Chef James Celebrates His Son's Baby Shower

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Surrounded by their loved ones and with a safari-themed party in which nothing was missing, the chef of A New Day (Telemundo), James Tahhan and his wife, Russel Conde, celebrated last weekend in style the baby shower of your first child.

"For us, sharing with the family will always be the most important thing and we want Baby Chef to feel that way from a very young age," James wrote on Instagram along with a series of images in which he collects some of the moments lived during the celebration.

“Thanks to all the people who have given us more significant things than the materials with their love, time, support, prayers and advice for Russel, for me and for our little one. And with his likes and comments we have also realized that he will have virtual uncles and grandparents in all parts of the world, thanks to you too, "added the chef.

Among the many guests who were celebrating with James and his wife the imminent arrival of their first child were the presenters of A New Day: Adamari López, Stephanie Himonidis and Rashel Díaz, who are very close friends of the beautiful couple.

“The arrival of a son is a blessing. That is why I am so happy to share with you this special day of your baby shower my dear James and Russel. May God give you many blessings in this new stage as parents, the best gift is on the way. Happy to meet great friends at this celebration! We love you”, wrote the Cuban driver on Instagram, who arrived accompanied by her husband Carlos.

Carolina Sandoval gives the note

Another face of Telemundo who did not want to miss the celebration was the charismatic panelist of the television program Suelta la sopa, Carolina Sandoval 'the poisonous'.

“What a wonderful night my James, thank you really. May God take care of you and here waiting for the arrival of Baby Chef”, wrote the Venezuelan journalist through her networks.

The also businesswoman, who has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, starred in some of the funniest moments of the baby shower with her particular charisma, as can be seen in this video that Carolina herself shared.

There is no doubt that there was a very festive atmosphere during Chef James' son's baby shower!

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