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Vadhir Derbez Requirements For Girlfriend

Vadhir Derbez Requirements For Girlfriend
Vadhir Derbez Requirements For Girlfriend

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Vadhir Derbez's career continues to grow.

Between his new family project, De viaje con los Derbez (Pantaya), his different projects on the big screen and his collaborations with brands at events for the Hispanic community, the son of Eugenio Derbez is unstoppable.

“It was an intense coexistence. There we realized that one month you get hooked on your family, you see the times you fight, cry, laugh, "the actor exclusively told People En Español.

We also caught up with Vadhir since we haven't seen him with a girlfriend in a while.

What does a girl need to conquer Vadhir?

"Obviously she has to look pretty to me, but that she is a person that I admire, that we have chemistry, it is very important for me that we have the same type of humor, that we can talk a little about everything and that she understands my times a lot because my times They are very complicated because of the career I have,”he says.

This weekend, Vadhir also participated as one of the Colgate Optic White ambassadors during Hispanicize LA's 10th anniversary - the most important annual event for Latinx trendsetters.

While the actor is focused on his career and enjoying being single, his captivating smile could win over a girl very soon.

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