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Rocío Sánchez Azuara Sends A Message To Her Daughter

Rocío Sánchez Azuara Sends A Message To Her Daughter
Rocío Sánchez Azuara Sends A Message To Her Daughter

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A few weeks ago, Daniela Santiago, daughter of Rocío Sánchez Azuara, died after fighting for several years against the systemic lupus erythematosus that she suffered from. Now, her mother remembers her with an emotional message and notices how much she misses her.

"I never imagined that it would be so difficult to fulfill my promise … every day it is more difficult and despite the fact that I try, the only thing I want is for you to fulfill yours," Sánchez Azuara wrote on his Instagram account. "I miss you so much my wrist … so much."

He accompanied the text with an image of the faces of very smiling mothers and daughters. Of course, the messages of support from her fans were immediate.

"God bless you today and always Rocío", mentioned a netizen.

“My güera, I wish that God gives you that strength that surpasses all understanding and that peace comes to you. I love you”, commented another follower.

"God will send strength into your heart and shower you with blessings because you are a great person," commented another user.


Daniela Santiago's disease was detected in 2012, when she presented symptoms such as seizures and another series of illnesses. When she died on September 23, she was 30 years old. At that time, the television host was in charge of announcing the departure with a video where she said goodbye to her first-born.

"It is so difficult to see that you have left, to know that you will never be with me again, that your smile remains in my memory that your voice will continue in my mind, but despite the great pain that your absence causes me," Rocío Sánchez wrote at the time. Azuara. "I only have the certainty that you are already resting and forever thank your love."

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