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Telemundo Kills The Lord Of The Skies

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Telemundo Kills The Lord Of The Skies
Telemundo Kills The Lord Of The Skies

Video: Telemundo Kills The Lord Of The Skies

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Video: The Lord of the Skies 3 | Episode 15 | Telemundo English 2023, January

Telemundo promised to resolve all doubts about the uncertain future of Rafael Amaya in El señor de los cielos during the premiere of the seventh season of the superset and it was so.

The successful fiction that the Mexican actor has headed since 2013 returned last night in style to the screens of Telemundo with an explosive chapter that had the worst possible outcome: the death of its protagonist, the drug trafficker Aurelio Casillas.

The character, who remained in a coma since last season, underwent an experimental procedure during the first episode to get him to wake up from the coma before his enemies managed to find him, but unfortunately he did not have the expected results and the drug trafficker stopped hold on to life after going into cardiac arrest.

The death of Aurelio left the Casillas devastated, especially his daughter, Rutila Casillas (Carmen Aub), and her mother, Doña Alba (Lisa Owen), who suffered notably the departure of the famous drug trafficker.

As it was seen to come, the unexpected end of the protagonist of The Lord of the Skies generated great anger and disappointment through social networks among the faithful followers of the successful superset, who could not believe that after so many months of waiting they were going to leave with an outcome like this.

"As of today I stop watching the series. I have been a fan from the first day and without Aurelio Casillas there is no point in seeing her,”wrote an annoying fan of El señor de los cielos on Instagram.


“It cannot be that we wait a year for us to come out with the fact that Aurelio died. Fans of The Lord of the Skies do not deserve it,”complained another viewer.

"Without Aurelio Casillas there is no series, it was an error and they will see it reflected in the rating," can be read in another of the hundreds of comments that flooded social networks.

Will Aurelio Casillas resurrect?

Although during the first chapter of the seventh season it was assumed that Aurelio Casillas had died, the drug trafficker has not yet been buried or cremated, so some followers of the superset do not lose hope that he can revive, especially after seeing the advance of today's episode in which it is assured that 'the legends never die'.

"I do not understand. Is he alive or dead? In tomorrow's preview [today] he comes out as if he were alive and they say that legends never die,”asked a fictional fan intrigued.

Telemundo's response

Through the official Instagram profile of The Lord of the Skies, the chain has faced the barrage of criticism that the alleged death of Aurelio Casillas has generated.

“If you are a true fan of The Lord of the Skies, don't miss tomorrow's episode [today]. We promise you that this is better than ever”, Telemundo replied on Instagram to a viewer who commented that what had happened was not fair and that he was going to stop watching the series.

Lord of the Skies 7 airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on Telemundo.

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