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Sheriff Texas Drunk Son
Sheriff Texas Drunk Son

Video: Sheriff Texas Drunk Son

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24 hours after a Texas sheriff warned that immigrants are "drunks" who "will run over your children," his own son was arrested for appearing drunk in public at a Dallas stadium.

Sergei Waybourn, 24, was detained Friday near AT&T Stadium for exhibitionism and booked at the Tarrant County Corrections Center, Arlington police confirm.

The arrest came after his father, Bill Waybourn, Sheriff of Tarrant, made strong statements against immigrants the previous Thursday during a press conference of the Immigration and Customs Service that was held in Washington and where he was also this Matthew Albence, Acting Director of the Control Service that agency.

There, the seriff spoke of the dangers of letting loose immigrants who are arrested or caught driving while intoxicated or doing other wrongdoing under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances.

"If [undocumented immigrants] are pardoned or released, they are going to return to your neighborhood and mine," the sheriff said. "These drunks will run over your children and run over my children."

Sergei Waybourn was arrested this Friday in Texas:

Sergei Waybourn
Sergei Waybourn

His father, Sheriff Bill Waybourn, in Washington, warning about the dangers of releasing undocumented "drunks" a day earlier:

A police source told The Dallas Morning News that Sheriff Waybourn did not want to generalize with his comments and that he had only made reference to "charges of driving while intoxicated or people who have been repeatedly arrested on charges of driving while driving. intoxication in the context of illegal immigration”. He did not want to refer to all immigrants, he added.

As for Bill Waybourn, it is known that he has had multiple friction with the law and that he has been arrested for trespassing and robbery in recent years, according to the source. In 2018, he was charged with assault.

"Years have passed since he stopped associating with our family," the sheriff said of his son Bill's situation in a statement he sent to the WFAA-8 station in Texas. "For years all the many members of our family have made efforts to try to help him but nothing has worked," he lamented. “It is always sad when drugs take over a person's life. His choices and his actions have taken him to where he is.”

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