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Eleané Puell And Jesús Carús Evicted By The Fires In LA

Eleané Puell And Jesús Carús Evicted By The Fires In LA
Eleané Puell And Jesús Carús Evicted By The Fires In LA

Video: Eleané Puell And Jesús Carús Evicted By The Fires In LA

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Video: Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire 2023, January

After the devastating fires that hit the west coast of the United States last year, California is once again on red alert for the fires. The so-called Saddleridge devastated the surroundings of the city of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley in recent days. After reaching a very dangerous rate of 800 acres per hour, the mandatory evacuations woke up more than twenty thousand families at night to turn their dream into a real nightmare.

One of the homes affected this weekend was that of the couple of Mexican actors Eleané Puell and Jesús Carús. Together with their charming daughter, little Luciana, this television family of "I Don't Believe in Men" had to flee in the middle of the night without looking back and praying that when they were allowed to return, they would find their home standing and their belongings just as they left them.

Eleané tells us how she lived those hard moments in these exclusive statements: “I was at Reik's concert with some friends and Jesus called me to come back carefully, that there was a fire near home. When I was arriving I saw the fire from the freeway, it was huge. As I got closer there was already a lot of smoke in the air and an ash shower. I was very alarmed and we packed up as fast as we could, the important papers, a couple of changes of clothes, and when the ashes began to enter the house we ran away and went looking for a hotel. There was a lot of traffic and we weren't counting that they had already evacuated to many other areas, so we couldn't find a place to stay, until Marina del Rey,forty miles south of home. Fortunately we got out on time, obvious from the girl. Our neighbors who stayed had a very bad time because the later they left it was worse because of the traffic, the danger, the stress…”

"The feeling of saying goodbye to your house is very strong," continues Eleané. You're in shock, you don't know what to pack, you want to take everything but you can't. You leave with great anguish, you think, am I taking the right thing? What am I leaving? Which of the things is worth more? Then I saw myself piling up photos, the doodles Luciana paints for me, because I thought that my daughter's drawings would never get it back, more than clothes and the rest, that has a solution. Saying goodbye to your house thinking that everything can burn is a horrible, horrible feeling … One of the ugliest I've ever felt. You want to cry, but you don't want to cry because nothing has happened yet, and so it was, fortunately nothing happened thanks to God.”

Eleané ends the story of what was an authentic adventure, yes, with a happy ending: “The scare is over, little by little we are returning to normal and we have just returned home. Everything is alright. We are safe, that is what matters, although we are sorry that not all of us have been lucky. We send a lot of light and our prayers to those affected by this tragedy. We also want to thank the invaluable work of the firefighters and security forces that helped us.”

It is clear that the classic Santa Ana winds in California are unforgiving. Lack of moisture in the air and powerful streaks make fires spread remarkably quickly and misfortunes are inevitable for part of the population. An estimated one in four Californians lives in a high-risk area for forest fires.

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