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Patty Manterola Interview Death Dad

Patty Manterola Interview Death Dad
Patty Manterola Interview Death Dad

Video: Patty Manterola Interview Death Dad

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Video: Paty Manterola Speaks About Planning Her Own Funeral 2023, January

Mexican singer Patty Manterola is going through a bittersweet moment. To the deep sadness of the sudden death of his father is added, due to schedule commitments, the release of his new single Legend. It is a catchy and fun song, which contrasts well with the moment you are going through in your personal life.


This was revealed to us by Paty Manterola herself today in these exclusive statements: “Regardless of this intense moment that I am living in my personal life and my career, the two are like opposite poles, the loss of a loved one and the birth of a professional Proyect. Obviously they are not equal to each other, they have no comparison, but they create confronting emotions. Precisely I feel stronger, because I feel the presence of my dad stronger than ever, I feel that he is seeing everything. " This is how Patty reminded us in her networks that we do not forget to pamper our loved ones in life:

"If my dad taught me anything, it was to be strong, to have inner strength" -Patty assures us- "He went through many difficulties in his life and I notice how that strength is giving him in my heart right now ". Of course, the beautiful Patricia Manterola is well protected by her precious family, her princes as she tells them, her husband Forrest Kolb and their friendly little Lucca, Alesso and Matteo.

The presence of the Virgin of Guadalupe has been very present in magical moments of Patricia's life, during her engagement, her wedding, the birth of her three babies … "I know that my dad is with God, in the hands of the Little Virgin who He loved as much as I did. What better tribute can I give my dad than to continue working and using that strength that he taught me.”

"So there is no other choice but to continue with life and release this single, in which I have been working for so many months, grateful and happy to share it with my fans and the people who love me," Paty confesses. And a request from this beautiful and hard-working mom: “When we go independent we only have the power of the networks to make ourselves known, so I ask my fans to share, to comment, to help us with their dissemination”. Some of his friends have already started doing it like Alicia Machado, who posted this video on their networks:

Like time, the interpreter of the famous "that time does not stop, does not stop no" does not stop either. And although the years do not go through it, we toast to that tenacity and that hurricane of women that has always remained at the top of any artistic expression, no matter what happens and regardless of who regrets it. Bravo Paty!

“This song is a gift that a wonderful team gave me … Erika Ender, co-author of Despacito, a lifelong friend whom I adore and respect; Lugo González, a producer who has spent years making hits in the United States and it is an honor that she has taken the time to collaborate and work with me, not just with her talent, but with her heart because she is also co-author of the song; Echo Irizarry, the godfather of reggaeton, who has believed in a project like this and gives her her blessing, co-producing and mastering; and Frank Durham, who is also an extraordinary talent who made the mix. All of these people got involved from the heart, more than anything else. So I can't be more grateful.” Congratulations Patricia! Take heart and continue the successes.

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