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Erika Buenfil Is Now A Youtuber

Erika Buenfil Is Now A Youtuber
Erika Buenfil Is Now A Youtuber

Video: Erika Buenfil Is Now A Youtuber

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Video: Me hicieron creer que era adoptada | Erika Buenfil | La entrevista con Yordi Rosado 2023, January

Although we have known her for more than four decades thanks to her successful career in the artistic world, acting is not the only talent that Erika Buenfil has.

In addition to an extraordinary actress, the 55-year-old interpreter is an excellent cook.

Now that her exclusivity contract with Televisa has ended and she therefore has more free time to carry out other tasks, the one who starred in successful soap operas such as Amor en silencio (1988) and Amores verdaderos (2012) is He has encouraged to share this talent through YouTube. And nothing is wrong with him.

Less than a month after starting this new professional adventure, the actress's channel, Seasoning with Buenfil, already has more than 55,000 subscribers.

“I have been cooking for many years thanks to my grandmother, I started practically around 11 years old. It is something I always wanted to do but my work as an actress did not give me the opportunity to share it,”says Erika in the welcome video for her channel.

In Seasoning with Buenfil the Mexican star is shown cooking from the privacy of her home the most simple and nutritious recipes. Her goal, as she herself has described in one of the channel's videos, is to learn to 'cook easily and homemade like all the moms we are, moms of teenagers who sometimes do not know what to do'.

Her videos have become very popular on YouTube, some of them exceeding 400,000 views, like the one she shared last Saturday in which the actress appears cooking chicken in soy sauce.

The naturalness and closeness that the actress wastes in each of her videos have been key ingredients for the success of her channel and the unstoppable growth it is having.

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