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Jacky Bracamontes Comes To The Defense Of Her Husband

Jacky Bracamontes Comes To The Defense Of Her Husband
Jacky Bracamontes Comes To The Defense Of Her Husband

Video: Jacky Bracamontes Comes To The Defense Of Her Husband

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Jacky Bracamontes and his family have always enjoyed adrenaline.

Martin Fuentes, the husband of the former beauty queen, by passion and by profession is fond of extreme sports, and also wants them to be his daughters; full of life and without fear.

With the life they lead in the city of the sun, it is inevitable that every weekend they go out to practice a new sport. In recent days, Fuentes has gone out to practice sports like water skiing, phyboarding and even jumping off the boat with her girls, who lend themselves to all kinds of games.

The peak moment of each activity is always documented in the Instagram account of the family patriarch, being exposed to criticism and comments from his followers.

While most applaud him for teaching his daughters to be brave:

“My father taught me not to be afraid, he made me brave. God bless you. The day I got married dressed as a bride she told me never to be a burden to your husband, and now we have been married for 40 years and we have both worked hard and we are happy,”wrote a follower in the comments of a video of Martín jumping into the sea with her daughter Renata.

On the other hand, others comment that these activities could be detrimental to the health of the little ones.

“He is much heavier than the baby and does not have the same lungs as him. It was a great risk and it seems that the girl screams at the end of despair. In the end he was able to get out of the depth, but they did not put the whole video as the girl reacted, "wrote another Internet user.

After the debate between several commentators was set up, Jacky came to the defense of her husband. “What my husband does is never going to put his [daughter's] life at risk because Martin, despite being seen as super winnowed and thus, always measures the dangers. So look at Tom Brady who threw a waterfall with his daughter and they criticized him a lot. But in the end he is his dad and you are never going to put him at risk. Maybe they are things that do look risky and that, but nothing will happen to them. They are very aware parents. Martin is a very conscious pope and he is the one who cares the most about his daughters and will never put them at risk. You guys don't stress me out,”he said in a statement to the press. So everything is under control!

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