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Joy Huerta Message To The LGBTQ Community

Joy Huerta Message To The LGBTQ Community
Joy Huerta Message To The LGBTQ Community

Video: Joy Huerta Message To The LGBTQ Community

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Video: Message To The LGTBQ Community 2023, February

Gay pride month is celebrated in June and the singer Joy Huerta took the opportunity to send an emotional message to this community that has given her so much support.

"To the entire LGBTQ + community I want to send all my love and all my support and thank you because thanks to your struggle, I live a reality with my family today," the Mexican interpreter told Despierta América (Univision) during its passage through the red carpet of the Leading Ladies of Entertainment event of the Latin Recording Academy.

While Joy was recognized for her leadership in the music arena, the new mom, who first publicly announced that she was gay and expecting a baby with her wife, Diana Atri, says she considers being a leader to be "a I get a huge bag that I don't know if one day I will fill.”

Group vocalist Jessie and Joy and their partner are adjusting to all the changes; which implies having a baby and giving all the necessary care. Which is being a process that must be adjusted to the busy schedule of the also composer.

“My wife is happy; my wife is crazy,”he mentioned. “We are adjusting to this new life. The truth with much affection, with much love."

To join Joy in celebrating Gay Pride Month, artists like Thalía, Paulina Rubio and Taylor Swift have flocked to social media with posts showing their support.

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