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Jenni Rivera Will Have Her Film On The Big Screen

Jenni Rivera Will Have Her Film On The Big Screen
Jenni Rivera Will Have Her Film On The Big Screen

Video: Jenni Rivera Will Have Her Film On The Big Screen

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After almost seven years of waiting, Jenni Rivera could soon reach the big screen. The family of the late singer announced that they have finally signed a contract to share the life of the famous singer in a biographical film.

Through a press release, Rosie Rivera, executor of Jenni's fortune, confirmed that they will work with the companies Much More Media and De Line Pictures to tell the heartbreaking, but outstanding story of her sister.

"Jenni talked about this movie for years before she died, and we are pleased to make her dream come true," Rosie told PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL. "It has taken time, but it was very important to trust the person who would write my sister's amazing and dramatic story."

Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera

Rosie said that waiting for the writer Kate Lanier - who wrote the script for the film "What's Love Got to do With It", about the life of the singer Tina Turner - was worth it.

“There will be new details [to be incorporated] as Kate sees them necessary. We are telling her everything and she will write the script,”he said.

For their part, the executives of the production companies assured that the film will pay tribute to all the achievements of the famous singer, who did not hide her sufferings and enjoyed her success along with her audience.

“Jenni's impact was felt throughout her life and continues in her legacy. The film will honor her art and commitment to inspire and help people from all cultures to fulfill their dreams, "the statement said.

Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera

The movie, according to Rosie, is likely mostly in English, and will include unreleased music by the singer.

Rosie explained that after the death of the so-called Diva de la Banda in December 2012, the Rivera family did not want to rush to make a movie, despite agreeing to make the series about the singer's life on Telemundo, as they were looking for the appropriate equipment to do so.

“It has taken a while to get here because we had to trust Jenni's story to the right hands. We are sure that we made the best alliance with Mucho Mas Media and its creative team”, she pointed out.

Who will be the protagonist of the film?

"The actress will be chosen as a team with the studio and we still don't know who it could be," said Rosie.

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