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Sofía Carson Talks About Her Outfits In The New A Cinderella Story
Sofía Carson Talks About Her Outfits In The New A Cinderella Story

Video: Sofía Carson Talks About Her Outfits In The New A Cinderella Story

Video: Sofía Carson Talks About Her Outfits In The New A Cinderella Story
Video: Sofia Carson Talks A Cinderella Story, Fashion and Descendants 2! 2023, April
Sofia Carson
Sofia Carson

For Sofía Carson, it has been a dream come true to be the star of the movie A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits (Warner Bros.), the remake of the legendary movie A Cinderella Story previously starring actresses like Hilary Duff and Selena Gómez. The young woman of Colombian origin enjoyed her participation in the film, which will be on sale on DVD on August 16, as she had the opportunity to get involved in creating the fashion and beauty looks of the two characters she plays. We spoke with the beautiful singer and actress to tell us all the details of her characters and the superchic and flirty outfits she wore.

Tell us about your character…

Tessa as the classic Cinderella has suffered a lot in her life. She has dreams that she wants to follow. She wants to be a singer and a dancer. In this version your happy ending is never to find a prince charming but to follow your dream. Sure, in the process she falls in love with her prince but the important thing for her is to follow her dream and that is the message of the story. Maybe I lose my shoes but this time they are tennis. The prince finds them and has to find his Cinderella. It was a dream to be part of the film. My favorite moments in the movie were the musicals. I loved the moments on that stage.

Apart from Tessa you also play another character named Bella, right?

I loved being able to do two characters because in the movie, for me to be able to audition for the Cinderella musical I have to be transformed so that my stepmother does not recognize me, so they will see me blonde with blue eyes and an English accent. I have two totally different looks.

Surely fashion plays a very important role in this film. How are the two characters different?

Tessa is a little bit more tomboy. She is mechanical and is always in jeans, boots, jacket and hair up. Bella's character is a little more fashionista, she wears high boots, glitter, more color.

Were you involved in choosing the wardrobe?

I worked hard with the principal to create the look of Tessa and Bella. We wanted them to be very different. Tessa wears overalls that I love and are very fashionable. Bella is more fashion. She wears heels, tight jeans, glittery leather jackets.

And as for the beauty look, how did you manage to make them both look different?

It was very interesting to [create] Bella's look. When I first read the script and realized it was blonde, I was a little surprised. I didn't know how it would work. What I did was go to a wig store and we realized that the wig that worked was a blonde but with dark roots. So we started. I also wear contact lenses and that was another process. We tried various colors until we found the perfect one that is like blue. The director and I were taking photos, videos and looking at what was best for Bella and Tessa. It was fun creating two such different characters.

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