Ana Patricia Reveals The Baby's Sex

Ana Patricia Reveals The Baby's Sex
Ana Patricia Reveals The Baby's Sex

Since Ana Patricia announced the news of her pregnancy last week, the pools regarding whether her second child would be a boy or a girl did not wait on social networks. But it was not until Monday that the co-presenter of the morning Despierta América (Univision) revealed through her YouTube channel the sex of the baby she is expecting. She did so accompanied by her husband, Luis Carlos Martínez, and her first-born Giulietta, just two years old.

Today I had another appointment with the gynecologist but I did not know that they were going to give me the results of the blood test I had. And well, they gave it to me. I had nothing prepared. He had made plans that 'we are going to make a cake, we are going to have a box with balloons', the typical thing that is done when the sex of a baby is going to be revealed. We threw a lot of head at it just yesterday but today they give me this envelope and the truth is I can't wait to prepare any of that because it would take a few days and I know that this envelope is calling me”, explained Ana Patricia.

The screams of happiness from the ex-queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina and her family were immediate when the presenter of Mexican origin opened the envelope with the result and confirmed that the little person who is already growing inside her will be a CHILD.

"It's a boy," Ana Patricia shouts excitedly. "He is a boy, my love," the charismatic presenter tells his firstborn with a smile from ear to ear.

But, without a doubt, the most emotional reaction was that of little Giulietta, who was very happy and happy with the news that she will soon have a little brother at home.

Although it was not confirmed until this week, in one way or another everything suggested that Ana Patricia's second son would be a boy.

"Everyone at home, my parents, you on social networks … they told me 'it's a boy'. I really didn't know what to think anymore and just today they came to me with a gift with a little boy's clothes and I said 'but if I haven't revealed the sex' and he says 'I know it's a boy'”, expressed the presenter. "We are going to be a family of five [also including their pet], two boys and two girls."

Congratulations Ana Patricia!