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Chiquis Rivera Wants To Have "a Baby"

Chiquis Rivera Wants To Have "a Baby"
Chiquis Rivera Wants To Have "a Baby"

Video: Chiquis Rivera Wants To Have "a Baby"

Video: Chiquis Rivera Wants To Have "a Baby"
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Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera has played the role of a second mother to her siblings - Chiquis, Jacqie, and Johnny - since the tragic death of her mother, Jenni Rivera, in 2012.

Despite the fact that she is now experiencing a great professional stage with the debut of her new program The Riveras on NBC Universo and other projects, she confessed that she is increasingly hearing the call of motherhood.

"Lately I have had the desire to have a baby, I don't know why," said the actress and singer during her participation in the People en Español Festival at the Javitz Center in New York.

"When I see my nephew Jordan and I feel like it and say 'I want a baby,'" he continued.

"I just want to teach my children tomorrow that you have to be strong (…) you have to live life with good intentions," he stressed about his idea of motherhood. "Don't be afraid of failure."

"My career caused a bit of trouble in my past relationship," Chiquis explained about the challenges she faces in order to start a family, also confessing that she recently ended up with her five-year-old partner, precisely because of the complications of fame.

"My heart is fine, I am better, it is healing," he said of his emotional state after the breakup. "I am happy, focused on my career [and] the children."

Regarding his new show, The Riveras, he explained that the idea is to give a version closer to reality of how the members of his family really are.

"It is so they can see reality. I imagine they have heard some not so good things about my family, but I think my mom did a good job with us, that is what we want to represent, "he said.


The Riveras premiered this Sunday at 10 pm ET on NBC Universo.

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