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Sabrina Seara In The Final Stretch Of Her Pregnancy
Sabrina Seara In The Final Stretch Of Her Pregnancy

Video: Sabrina Seara In The Final Stretch Of Her Pregnancy

Video: Sabrina Seara In The Final Stretch Of Her Pregnancy
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Sabrina Seara
Sabrina Seara

The sweet wait is coming to an end.

Tired but immensely happy, Sabrina Seara is already counting the days to finally meet her baby, who will be born at the latest the second week of November.

In the middle of the final stretch of pregnancy, the actress from the superset series El Señor de los Cielos (Telemundo) tells People en Español how she is living these last weeks before the arrival of her first-born and how she is preparing to be a mom, among other things.

First of all, how do you feel?

I feel so tired. It has been a very quiet pregnancy, but now in the last trimester one gets more tired, I have back pain, I have trouble sleeping … I am having some discomfort, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Did you take great care during your pregnancy?

I have taken it very easy. The truth is I have not wanted to abuse the exercise and the food has been very balanced. They have not given me strange cravings either, so I have kept my diet the same as before, although not as strict. I have rested a lot because it has given me an incredible dream. I give my body what it asks of me, if I want to rest, I rest, if I feel like going out, if it causes me to do some exercise, I do it, but I don't abuse.

How is Daniel, your husband, living the sweet wait?

He's eager, just like me, but he's been amazing. He wakes me up every morning with breakfast. I have been a very good cook. I have to thank God that sometimes a pregnant woman does not provoke or cook or do anything and he has been super cute.


pampered you then … Yes, he has spoiled me and has helped me a lot. Thank God we have had the opportunity to be together in pregnancy because we have always had to work in different countries. I really appreciate it because it wouldn't have been the same without him.

What would you say has been the most difficult part of the pregnancy?

It is a different stage of women. I have lived it fully, I have enjoyed it and I have accepted that one has changes in all aspects, both hormonal, physical … Each woman reacts differently. The most difficult has been this last month because of the discomfort and back pain. I can't handle my back. I find it hard to sleep and I wake up from my cravings.

And the most exciting moment you have lived since you knew you were pregnant?

When we did the babyshower last week. It was very exciting to see so many people who love us sharing our happiness and knowing that my son was not born and is already so dear.

What is the most valuable advice you have been given?

Enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest. And that is what we have done. Both Daniel and I have really enjoyed it. Also, take advantage before the baby is born to sleep. I am very sleepy and I feel that in this aspect it is going to be quite a strong change.

Are you preparing yourself in any special way to be a mom?

I have read all the books that have been recommended to me. I have one that is like a pregnancy guide and there I am reading every week what is happening. But I think that each pregnancy is unique. Every woman goes through different things. I have many pregnant friends right now and we have all had a totally different pregnancy. So I trust the professionals who are the doctors who are treating me and I have let it flow a bit.

The baby will be called Maximiliano. Who finally chose the name?

It was a name that we both liked. In fact it was the only one that we both liked.

What is special about that name?

Actually the name was put on the table by an aunt of Daniel and I loved it from the beginning and Daniel too. It was the only name we loved. I heard it and I loved it. Besides in Mexico there is the Chapultepec Castle [where Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico lived] that I love. I'm fan. So it's also a very cheesy name with all that history.

How's your room going?

We already have it ready. It was amazing, but we will have to do another one because we moved at the end of the year.

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