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Young Man Murders His Girlfriend Of 15 Years

Young Man Murders His Girlfriend Of 15 Years
Young Man Murders His Girlfriend Of 15 Years

Video: Young Man Murders His Girlfriend Of 15 Years

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Video: Cops: Teen went to church after killing family 2023, January

After a little over a year of uncertainty, Maleigha Solonka's family finally learned the identity of the young woman's killer, who was about to turn 16 and who instead of celebrating another year of life, was found dead in a garbage dump. from Havre de Grace, Maryland.

This Tuesday, Naeshawn Jaheim Perry, 19, pleaded guilty to murdering Maleigha in August 2017 and leaving her body in the trash, according to The Baltimore Sun newspaper.

The young man will be tried for first-degree murder, for which he reached an agreement with the city prosecutor's office, agreeing to stay between 20 and 40 years in prison, according to the newspaper.

Maleigha was reported missing on the day before her birthday on August 9, 2017. About a week later, Maryland authorities found her body in a garbage dump and cataloged the murder case. The forensic doctor assured that he had died from suffocation, according to PEOPLE.

Naeshawn Perry
Naeshawn Perry

For more than a year, the police were searching for the killer. It was precisely the victim's grandmother, Donna Elliot - who had custody of Maleigha - who suspected Perry because of the stormy relationship they had.

"He came and showed me that he had bruises, very bad, and that (he told him) that he was going to kill her," the grandmother told the local WBAL-TV station.

According to Elliot, the young woman was murdered after ending her relationship with Perry.

Authorities arrested Perry in a non-Maleigha rape case that happened in February 2017 and was serving a sentence at a youth center when he was charged with second-degree murder for the death of his girlfriend, according to the CBS channel. from Baltimore. Perry will be tried as an adult when he returns to court on June 4.

"He will become justiaiMaleigha will receive the justice he deserves," said the grandmother.

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