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Murder Of Three Women In Hemet California

Murder Of Three Women In Hemet California
Murder Of Three Women In Hemet California

Video: Murder Of Three Women In Hemet California

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Video: 2 arrested in connection with death of 3 women found inside Hemet home | ABC7 2023, January

A 20-year-old Hispanic woman and her 18-year-old boyfriend were detained in Las Vegas on charges of murdering their three housemates who were found dead last Wednesday in California.

Jordan Guzmán and his partner, Anthony McCould remain in the custody of the authorities and their bail has been set at $ 2 million, after they were charged with three murder charges, as confirmed by People.

The couple was arrested this Thursday in the Game Capital in possession of a car that belonged to one of its three victims: Trinity Clyde, 18 years old. Clyde was found dead along with Wendy López-Araiza, 46, and her daughter, Génesis López-Araiza, 21, after allegedly arguing with the suspect about the rent payment.

According to a police report, Guzmán lived with the three deceased in the residence where the events occurred and which is located in the town of Hemet, southeast of Los Angeles. The afternoon of the violent crime, the police responded to an emergency call made by the husband of Wendy López-Araiza, who claimed to have found a "woman lying in a pool of blood."

Anthony McCloud and Jordan Guzman
Anthony McCloud and Jordan Guzman

The authorities found the body of the victim and after a search of the house they found two more. Although the coroner's office has not released an official report with the cause of death, it is reported that the three victims died of head trauma. All three bodies showed signs of strangulation.

The KTLA station in Los Angeles reports that a man who reported the facts to the police arrived at the home when the suspects were still inside and that when they arrived they boarded the stolen car and fled.

Said source also assures that Guzmán had recently moved into the house and that her boyfriend visited her frequently. However, relatives of the victims say that for some time they wanted the young Hispanic woman to move.

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