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Fox News Reporters Could Have Been Lynched In Mexico

Fox News Reporters Could Have Been Lynched In Mexico
Fox News Reporters Could Have Been Lynched In Mexico

Video: Fox News Reporters Could Have Been Lynched In Mexico

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Video: Tucker to Mexican official: Why aren't you stopping migrants? 2023, February

In October 2019, Lara Logan and a production team from the American television network Fox News arrived in Tenancingo, Tlaxcala, in order to carry out an investigation into this town, where it is rumored that there is a network dedicated to sex trafficking. and exploitation of women. However, the presence of the journalist and her collaborators alarmed the residents, who considered applying deadly retaliation when considering them to be kidnappers of women, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

"You have to grab and lynch them," wrote one of the neighbors in the WhatsApp chat they have to alert each other of any dangerous situation. "It seems they want to lift the [young] girls from the [secondary] secu. They already did about three laps”.

The reporter announced in one of her company's news that the municipal police, in this Mexican region, were in charge of informing them of the dangerous situation in which they found themselves. The inhabitants were already planning the lynching, via the aforementioned chat, considering that they were criminals who came to harm them.

Here the conversation:

"They must be terrorists, for the plates; they are plates from another place”.

"They have to be rats [thieves] or kidnappers."

"These culeros have cameras in the back."

"Get them [catch them] in the OXXO."

"I'm already going downtown with my carnal [brother]."

"I'm going with toys [weapons]."

Given the imminent risk, the authorities had to escort the team out of town; which, was seen by the inhabitants of the place as an act of corruption.

“They already gave them their wool [the alleged criminals paid the police]. Okay mothers, "they wrote.

Finally, Lara Logan and the production team were saved; This did not happen with Fermín and Nereyda, two brothers who were lynched by the residents after accusing them of kidnapping a woman from the town.

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