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Lebarón Family The Latest On The Massacre

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Lebarón Family The Latest On The Massacre
Lebarón Family The Latest On The Massacre

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Video: 9 members of Mormon family killed in Mexico 2023, February

The investigations into the LeBarón Langford family massacre have yielded its first results: authorities confirmed that a subject has been detained in connection with the events that occurred this Monday on the Chihuahua border with Sonora. And the suspect would be neither more nor less than a lieutenant of a rival cartel of El Chapo Guzmán.

The Sonora State Prosecutor's Office confirmed through his Facebook page the arrest of a subject in the town of Agua Prieta. According to said report, elements of the Public Security of Sonora and Chihuahua, the National Guard, SEDENA and AMIC of the Sonora Prosecutor's Office, and the Mexican army combed the area surrounding the place, the events occurred.

According to breaking news, the detainee responds to the name of Leonardo, is 30 years old and is the lieutenant of a rival cartel of Joaquín Guzmán Loera alias "El Chapo", according to the SSP to the Daily Mail newspaper that published photos of the suspect on Wednesday.

"In the neighboring priority areas, in Agua Prieta, Sonora, the rescue of two victims deprived of liberty who were gagged and tied in a white Pickup vehicle, was achieved," he said. "And the arrest of a person in possession of two.223 caliber long guns, one.308 caliber long gun, ten.223 caliber magazines, one supplied.308 magazine and one 50 caliber Barret long rifle."

This Wednesday photos began to circulate where relatives of the Mormon family can be seen visiting the area where their relatives were executed:

LeBarón family
LeBarón family
LeBarón family
LeBarón family

Still, the unknowns still surround the case. Especially on the theory that the family, traveling in a three-car convoy, would have been mistaken for criminals. Some debate this version due to the history of the LeBarón family who 10 years ago suffered the kidnapping and subsequent murder of one of its members. Since then Julián LeBarón, the victim's cousin, has become an anti-violence activist who openly spoke out against organized crime in the region.

For its part, the newspaper The New York Times today published details about the incident, ensuring that Rhonita LeBarón Miller's car broke down on the road and had to stop, which would detonate the attack causing them to spray their car with high-caliber bullets. Rhonita's car received so many bullets that it exploded and the bodies of her eight twins were burned inside. months born: Titus and Tiana.

Eight miles from there were the other two LeBarón cars that were chased by criminals who shot one of the women in the chest.

Tragically, David Langford, brother of Christina Langford, one of the nine victims, claims that she was moving to North Dakota just this week to meet her husband, who had found work in the oil industry, according to the publication.

"She doesn't like city life, she was trying to give her children a better life and had sacrificed [being with] her husband to make it happen." Langford explained..

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