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Lili Estefan Sexy Photo In Red Swimsuit

Lili Estefan Sexy Photo In Red Swimsuit
Lili Estefan Sexy Photo In Red Swimsuit

Video: Lili Estefan Sexy Photo In Red Swimsuit

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Video: Lili Estefan TIGHT Top and Skirt Mar 15 21 2023, January

When Jennifer Lopez turned 50 looking so good, everyone poured praise on her and wondered how she managed to look so spectacular and as if she were 20 years younger. But the truth is that several of ours suffer from "that evil." Salma Hayek, Maribel Guardia, Yuri and many other Latinas sport incredible figures and faces that have nothing to envy to the younger girls. Another one of ours that impresses us with how good she looks at her age? Of course, dear Lili Estefan, who, after announcing her divorce last year, has dedicated herself to enjoying life and looking more spectacular than ever.

The presenter is already 52 years old and the truth is that she does not look over 40, especially if we focus on her body, which we saw in excellent condition in a photo that Estefan published on his Instagram account. It turns out the entire team of El gordo y la flaca is located in the beautiful province of Samaná in the Dominican Republic, where the skinny took the opportunity to take a dip on the beach and while posing for a photo in a sexy red swimsuit.


"This image says it all," wrote the presenter at the bottom of the photo where she shows her incredible figure and a huge smile. "I love you Dominican Republic."

In the image you can see the long and toned legs of the Cuban-American presenter and her slender figure. In fact, we think it looks slimmer than ever and with a wasp waist.

The truth is that apparently the days that Estafan has spent on the Caribbean island have been great for him. We have seen her dancing meringue, enjoying the beautiful sunsets and wearing flirty summer dresses.

We love to see you so happy and fabulous Lili!

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