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Jennifer López First Photo In A Swimsuit At 50

Jennifer López First Photo In A Swimsuit At 50
Jennifer López First Photo In A Swimsuit At 50

Video: Jennifer López First Photo In A Swimsuit At 50

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Jennifer López is one of the most envied women in the world and not only for the incredible and successful career that she has or for the family stability that she has at the moment, but for the incredible figure that she has maintained through the years and that shows without grief and regardless of his age. And it is that when you are JLo the negative comments -we do not know who dares to put any- or the yellow news stop you. As you know, after finishing her It's My Party Tour in the United States, she went to Israel to start her tour, this time on international land. Her first stop was Israel, where she went with the whole family and she took the opportunity to get to know the country and, on the way, ride a camel. Then she appeared in Turkey and now she is in Malaga, Spain where from what we see on her Instagram, she is getting a sensation.

It turns out that the artist took time off to rest and enjoy the local beaches in a wine red swimsuit with a halter neck and the truth is that her figure is on the attack. She accessorized her swimsuit with a little sloppy pickup and aviator-style sunglasses.

Taking into account that he has just turned 50, we cannot help but be amazed by such beauty. The curves of the also actress look like those of a woman in her 30s. Her toned arms, cellulite-free legs and a heart-stopping neckline, as if she had never had children.

Just minutes after the publication appeared on Instagram, his followers did not stop commenting and filled with praise for looking so spectacular. "I can't believe you're 50 ', says one of the almost 12,000 comments the image has just two hours after being published. While another fan wrote, "with each passing day you get more beautiful."

We also think the same.

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