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Queen Elizabeth Slaps Her Nephew

Queen Elizabeth Slaps Her Nephew
Queen Elizabeth Slaps Her Nephew

Video: Queen Elizabeth Slaps Her Nephew

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Video: Queen Elizabeth Slapped Her Nephew In Front Of Elton John 2023, January

Elegance, sobriety and strict adherence to protocol are well-known qualities of Queen Elizabeth II and have earned her worldwide admiration and respect. But other features, such as her characteristic frugality, her strong temperament and her characteristic sense of humor are part of this complex personality that causes curiosity and has even given rise to series such as The Crown (Netflix) to delve into her rarefied world.

Now, the singer Elton John is letting his tongue go big by telling details of the royals with whom he has rubbed shoulders for years, including the Queen herself who, according to him, one day slapped one of her nephews without regard to the eyes stunned everyone.

"I know that the public image of the queen is not exactly that of rampant frivolity but … in private the queen can be hilarious," says the British interpreter in his new biography titled simply Me.

An example, he says, is when the British monarch asked his nephew Linley to stay home to take care of his sister, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones who was ill. When he tried to get away from it and trick the queen into going to a party she was blunt. “The Queen slapped him lightly in the face, crossing his face with every word he said. 'Don't (slap) argue (slap) with me (slap) because (slap) I (slap) am (slap) the Queen (slap)' We can imagine what happened next: Linley followed the Queen's instructions, "the artist recounted..

The incident would seem as if it had come out of a soap opera by Itatí Cantoral, if it were not for a detail that perhaps was what was most engraved in Elton John's mind: "It seems that [the slaps] worked," he explained. "When she left she saw me looking at her and winked [at me] before leaving."

Queen isabel II
Queen isabel II

Logically, as it happens in this type of accounts, the witnesses of this alleged episode would be the only ones who could confirm what happened. However, Elton John's stories would have a lot of truth, especially if we remember the close friendship that linked him with the late Princess Diana of Wales, to whom he dedicated the song "Candle in the wind".

By the way, in his book -and as expected- the singer talks long and hard about his dear friend. In one of his stories, he recalls the time that according to him, her husband David Furnish found Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere "in a hallway, knives on top of each other apparently [fighting] for Princess Diana with his fists."

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