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Whitening Creams Risks

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Whitening Creams Risks
Whitening Creams Risks

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Video: 'Poisoning for profit' illegal skin whitening creams – BBC London 2023, February

Authorities in Britain are sounding the alarm about the risks of using whitening creams for the face. After cases of serious poisoning were reported in the United States and other countries from the use of such products, now experts warn about another substance that could potentially cause problems as serious as cancer and even death.

Previously, it had already been warned about the high content of mercury in this type of products. Now it is the hydroquinone that has caused alarm. According to a report issued this September 29 by the Local Goverment Organization (LGA) in London, this substance can be so toxic that it can even act "as a biological paint remover and increase the use of cancer."

Blac Chyna, ex of Rob Kardashian, one of many celebrities who have lent their face to promote face lightening creams:

Basically this chemical is a whitening agent prohibited in body use that reduces resistance to bacteria and fungal infections, and that can also cause liver damage, anxiety and increased risk of cancer and kidney damage.

"Creams containing these banned ingredients [such as hydroquinone and mercury] can cause serious health damage, mark you for life and even cause death, so they should be avoided at all costs," advises Simon Blackburn, adviser to Blackpool by means of a statement sent to the press.

Celebrities such as Black Chyna, formerly of Rob Kardashian, have been the face of skin whitening products, whose use worldwide is on the decline, as reported by CNN. Globally, there is such a demand that by the year 2024, the consumption of these skin lightening creams is expected to generate about $ 312 billion dollars, mainly in countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

If you have used this type of cream and suspect poisoning, remember that the main symptoms are:

Loss of peripheral vision

Muscle weakness

Tingling sensation, usually in the hands, feet and mouth

Lack of coordination of movements.

Speech and hearing dysfunction and walking ability

Muscle weakness

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