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Osvaldo De León Talks About His Partner And His Children

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Osvaldo De León Talks About His Partner And His Children
Osvaldo De León Talks About His Partner And His Children

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Social media serves more than just being in contact with fans and promoting projects. And if not ask Osvaldo de León, the protagonist of the Univision soap opera Sin tu mirada, who found the love of his life on Instagram.

The actor of American origin, who is currently recording the new version of Cuna de lobos in Mexico with Paz Vega, met his current wife and mother of three of his four children, actress Victoria Camacho, through Internet.

"We met on social networks," Osvaldo exclusively tells People en Español.

“We were talking for weeks before cheering up to meet each other in person. The day I went for her I decided to go in normal-casual clothes, I wanted her to get to know me as I normally am. It turns out that she did the same. Well, the day I arrived for her, she came out and gave us a fit of laughter for about half an hour. We both felt a sensation as if we had known each other for a lifetime. That fit of laughter became what we are happily today,”says the 35-year-old gal, who in his youth traded medicine for acting.


The actor, who has participated in Televisa productions such as Una familia con fortuna, Lo unfordonable and La malquerida, assures that his priorities changed in his life the moment he became a dad.

“Before, I felt that achieving my dream was the most important thing. Now with them in my life nothing matters anymore. Nothing other than preserving harmony and love in my home, "he says.

“I am living the best stage of my life. I know that when they grow up and leave the house I will miss these moments more than others,”adds the soap opera lover.

More about Victoria Camacho

Osvaldo's partner was born in the Dominican Republic, but his entire acting career has been developed in Mexico, where he has participated in numerous Televisa fictions.

In 2015 he was part of the cast of the melodrama Pasión y Poder, where he shared credits with Fernando Colunga, Susana González, Marlene Favela, among a large cast, with the character of Montserrat Moret.

Last year, she made a special appearance in the bioseries on the life of Silvia Pinal that recently aired Univision during primetime.

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