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The Secret Side Of Sech
The Secret Side Of Sech

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The 25-year-old Panamanian -who has conquered the public with songs like “Otro trago”, which emerges from his album Sueños (Rich Music) - confessed exclusively to People en Español.

How would you describe this professional moment you are experiencing?

I am grateful to God, to the public. I think the work that is being done is being noticed.

You had a difficult past before you became famous …

My beginnings were difficult from Panama. At one point I thought I would give up. I made my first song with Justin Quiles. After that I gave it full and we continue working.

Many do not know but it was in Panama that reggaeton emerged

In Panama he started doing reggae in Spanish. The people of Puerto Rico marketed it and took it to another level. It is a root that comes from blood and without the root I think the tree does not grow well. In Panama everything started.


How many instruments do you play

I play percussion, drums, piano, a little bit of guitar and bass. Since I was little I sang in the church and I was in the orchestra and I was involved and I learned and I improved myself with time. I didn't study music, everything [was] empirical.

How do you compose songs?

I am dedicated 24 hours [to write], I am a perfectionist. If I feel that the song is ok I want to change it but that has worked for me.

What is a work day like for you?

I bathe breakfast, go out to the office and go to the study and there I spend [all day].

What are your hobbies?

Talk a lot and I like to go to the beach.

In search of a dream…

I left my home to work in construction, it was not that my parents did not support me, it was my decision. I wanted to be a singer, I even sold smoothies and believed in my dream until the end of days. I felt that I could and I always saw an image of two people hitting a rock and the one who surrendered was about to do it and I always thought: 'who removes it from hitting tomorrow'. I always trusted God.

How do you see yourself five years from now?

I want to be like Daddy Yankee, to be an icon in music. I want to be influential in things, to tell people that things can be achieved. You never have to think that you cannot achieve what you want. If you have your dream well planned you will always achieve everything, always with faith and work everything is possible.

Why is your name Sech?

I recorded a song and at the end of the song a friend tells me to put on Sech and that's it.

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