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Nurses Denounce Discrimination For Speaking Spanish

Nurses Denounce Discrimination For Speaking Spanish
Nurses Denounce Discrimination For Speaking Spanish

Video: Nurses Denounce Discrimination For Speaking Spanish

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Video: Man threatens to report Spanish-speaking women 2023, February

Seven Hispanic nurses who work at a hospital in south Orlando, FL, have reported that they have been prohibited from speaking Spanish to each other at work and threatened with dismissal for not just using English during working hours.

According to Un nuevo día (Telemundo), these Puerto Rican workers at a Florida Department of Health clinic in Haines City were hired precisely because they were bilingual, which facilitates communication with patients who are more fluent in Spanish than English.

But after using Spanish among themselves when caring for patients who speak English, they received a memorandum from their boss warning them that Spanish was prohibited and that they were at risk of being fired if they failed to comply with this rule, as explained by those affected in statements collected by various means.


The nurses also allege that they filed a complaint with the hospital's human resources department two months ago and have received no response.

"Since we are working in this place, we have always been discriminated against, not only because of the language, but also because of our nationality, which is Puerto Rican," one of the nurses, Mairyli Miranda, said at a press conference.

The Florida Department of Health responded to the nurses' complaint by assuring their commitment against discrimination. "We are committed to guaranteeing a respectful environment and free of any discrimination," state authorities said in a message to the complainants, according to the Telemundo channel in Orlando.

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