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Eugenio Siller Hits With His Abs Of Steel

Eugenio Siller Hits With His Abs Of Steel
Eugenio Siller Hits With His Abs Of Steel

Video: Eugenio Siller Hits With His Abs Of Steel

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Eugenio Siller left the walks in his Los Angeles neighborhood to spend a good travel vacation in Europe.

The Mexican actor has been stealing the eyes of his fans and followers on social networks for a few days with images that leave everyone speechless in every dream place he visits.

Some of his stops include places like Turkey and Greece where he takes the opportunity to show his steel abs.

And is that Siller lives proud of his physique, because he has worked very carefully. Since he was a child, the actor suffered rejection from his peers due to his thinness and little skill in sports. However, the actor has become an example of improvement and now has one of the most coveted bodies in the world of entertainment.

The interpreter knows how to accept the challenges one by one. Incidentally, after his departure from soap operas, he headed to Los Angeles to meet another goal; work in hollywood.

For Eugenio Siller, the easiest and most comfortable would have been to stay in Mexico, where he already had a name made, and continue starring in soap operas on Televisa. But in 2009, after finishing the recordings of the melodrama My Sin, the Mexican actor built up his courage and left his native country behind to go in search of that dream he had always had since he was young: to make his way in the United States.

Unlike other Latino actors, Eugenio does not deny his past as a soap opera actor. Unlike. “Television for me was the best school I could have had because for 10 years, every day doing as if it were an acting workshop, practicing and practicing, for me it has been an apprenticeship and what has definitely led me to be here "He asserts.

In fact, the actor does not rule out returning to television whenever the project pleases him.

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