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Young Man Strangles His Sister By Internet Key

Young Man Strangles His Sister By Internet Key
Young Man Strangles His Sister By Internet Key

Video: Young Man Strangles His Sister By Internet Key

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A young man from Macon, Georgia, was sentenced to life in prison for strangling his sister in 2018 during a fight after he changed his home WiFi password.

Kevon Watkins, then 16, didn't want anyone other than him to be able to use the internet at home - so that the speed with which he could play his video games was not reduced. When his mother complained to him and it seemed that the boy was going to hit him, his older sister, Alexus, intercepted him to prevent him from hurting his mother.

What Alexus did not expect was that his brother would take his life. During the struggle, he strangled her for around 15 minutes, according to the prosecution. It was not until law enforcement officers arrived, after a call from her mother to the 911 service, that Kevon released her sister, who fell to the floor.

According to PEOPLE, the mother ordered her daughter to get up, without getting any reaction from the girl. "Get up off the floor," Latoya Watkins implored Alexus.


Officers reportedly practiced first aid on the young woman, but were unable to save her. Alexus died hours later, on February 3, 2018, in an area hospital.

The brother was found guilty of the murder and sentenced on Friday, according to the WSB network. "Sorry," Kevon said with tears in his eyes, as he was escorted into court.

After the mother's statements detailing the lawsuit - believing that it was a usual fight between brothers - Kevon assured that his intention was not to murder Alexus. "She taught me everything I know," he declared.

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