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The 10 Style Secrets Of Carmen Villalobos
The 10 Style Secrets Of Carmen Villalobos

Video: The 10 Style Secrets Of Carmen Villalobos

Video: The 10 Style Secrets Of Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos

The Colombian actress from the novel El señor de los cielos (Telemundo), who was chosen as one of the 25 most fashionable in our September edition, gives us her keys to look regal on and off the carpet.

My style is …

Casual. I am very practical and I love comfortable clothes when it comes to dressing always with a chic touch that identifies me. For me, fashion is knowing what suits us and what doesn't. Brands are not always synonymous with good taste!

My favorite designer is …

Although I have never used a Zuhair Murad design, I love his creations, they seem extremely feminine, with exquisite finishes. If we talk about Hispanic designers, I love Johanna Rubiano and Jorge Duque.

The garment I wear the most is …

Skirts and short dresses. I really like my legs and these clothes make me look very feminine and I can combine them with nice heels or simply with sports shoes. For my daily life, I do not change jeans with good tennis shoes for the world!

My favorite accessory is …

Necklaces and earrings to complement my outfit. It is something that can not miss. Of course, a good bag gives the perfect touch to your style.

The trend that fascinates me is …

The colors.. Any trend with color I will love. But if there's one thing I love about the summer season, it's the swimsuits since I love collecting them. It is something I always buy every time I travel. I don't care about the brand, just the design and the colors.

Carmen Villalobos
Carmen Villalobos

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Alexander Tamargo / WireImage

My best look on the carpet was …

I could tell you … the dress I wore on the carpet for the Emmy Awards in New York by Colombian Johanna Rubiano and the Alexander McQueen outfit I wore at Premios tu mundo last year. Two looks for completely different occasions!

I usually buy in …

Depending on the city where I am filming, I always discover new places with interesting things. My motto is: If you like it and it looks good on you, buy it! You don't know when you are going to need it!

My style icon is …

JLo! I love every look she wears. This woman really knows how to look spectacular depending on the occasion.

I love to smell …

Manifesto, by Ives Saint Laurent. I love super sweet perfumes and change them all the time.

I like to invest in…

As for fashion, I love shoes. I die for them! I love Christian Louboutin, not only because of their designs, but because they are very comfortable. I also have sneakers of all colors. In total I think I have over 100 pairs of shoes.

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