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La Casa De Papel: What Do You Know About The New Season?

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La Casa De Papel: What Do You Know About The New Season?
La Casa De Papel: What Do You Know About The New Season?

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The options of series and movies to see this weekend are multiple and full of action, adventure and exciting scenes that you cannot miss. Without further ado, here they are like every week, some of the most impressive proposals to enjoy on Netflix from now on. They are ready?

The paper house

A series that many of us have been waiting for is already back. All your fans, please, you can stop having nightmares. The wait is over! We recall that "La casa de papel" is a robbery starring unconventional characters against the National Mint and Stamp and the Bank of Spain in the first seasons. However, these new scenes show a different villain isolated from the original band of The Professor. We do not doubt that this is the most watched series throughout the weekend. Why? Well, from “La casa de papel” we emphasize the attention to the development of the characters and the fantastic script that keeps us inexplicably glued to the television. As the gringos would say: It's a must!

The Letter for the King

In this proposal, we will follow the adventures of Tiuri, a young man who embarks on an extraordinary mission to deliver a secret letter to the king of his nation. Along the way, Tiuri is engulfed in a magical prophecy that heralds the emergence of a hero capable of defeating the ruthless prince. However, if you want to survive, you will have to tighten your belt and be a true leader. Fully recommended for lovers of Harry Potter-style adventure productions.

Airplane mode

A social media influencer crashes her car while using her cell phone, after which she goes into exile at her grandfather's farm, where she must disconnect from the cyber world, as they hear it: no phones or computers, kind of like a digital detox. This Brazilian film is a fun and perfect option for these days at home.


And from pure drama and comedy we move on to a story that reveals strong cultural truths: "Unorthodox". It is the true story of Deborah Feldman, a young Jewish woman who was able to escape the strict religious community Satmar, from Hasidic Judaism. The surprising thing about the series is that its social criticism also reveals the Satmar scene in different countries such as New York and Germany. A great proposal with powerful performances and life lessons.


As intense as the famous "Breaking Bad" and as meticulous as "Narcos". "Ozark" tells the story of a Chicago financial adviser who, after a money laundering scandal against a Mexican drug cartel, has to move with his family to Missouri where he ends up mixing with local criminals. Now, in his last season, things get even more intense.

Remember, you can already enjoy these options from there, from the comfort of your home, see you next time with some recommendations for series and movies.

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