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Beginner Proof High Bows

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Beginner Proof High Bows
Beginner Proof High Bows

Video: Beginner Proof High Bows

Video: Beginner Proof High Bows
Video: $109 Takedown Bow I can actually recommend! 2023, April
MIMI high bun
MIMI high bun

We all have those days where we need to hide our hair. Maybe why we haven't washed it for a week? Que? Did someone say something?

In theory, just pick it up to solve the matter. However, in real life, the famous topknots are not as easy as JLo makes you believe … Until now. We gave ourselves the task of creating a method that does not fail and we have the feeling that you are going to love it as much as we do. You see? Nothing in life has to be complicated!


Follow the step by step:

1. Comb your hair until it has more body.

2. Make a high ponytail and fasten it with a garter.

3. Create a crepe with a wide comb to create volume.

4. Wrap the ponytail around the elastic.

5. Secure with hooks.

Ready! Bye messy bun.

Make-up artist: Andreana Ellerby. Filmed at Ammon Carver Studio in NYC. Edition by 811media.

Originally written by Roxanne Adamiyatt.

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