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Influencer Birthday Three Dead

Influencer Birthday Three Dead
Influencer Birthday Three Dead

Video: Influencer Birthday Three Dead

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Video: Woman’s 29th Birthday Party Ends in Dry-Ice Tragedy; What Did A Husband Of Russian Bloogger Do!? 2023, February

The birthday party of a young Russian influencer has ended in tragedy after this Friday three guests at her celebration died, including the husband of the celebrated woman.

The events occurred when Yekaterina Didenko was celebrating her 29th birthday in a complete residential complex in southern Moscow. A rescue told the RIA news agency that party guests asked for about 25 kilograms of dry ice to put in the pool of the complex located in El Barrio de Devyaty Val and liven up the party.

In a video circulating on YuTube, the tragedy is unleashed as Dudenko films his guests wearing white suits and goggles and they pour the dry ice into the steaming pool water. There you can see how a man plunges into the water but then she has trouble staying afloat and starts waving her arms in front of the guests who apparently did not initially notice what was happening:

Dry ice, which is a solid form of carbon dioxide, reacted with the pool water and produced high levels of carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic and even deadly. Seven of the 18 guests suffered from poisoning and burns. The three victims perished from pulmonary edema and among them is Valentin, Didenko's husband.

Didenko, who has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, later appeared in another video looking shaken and in shock as the victims were taken to an intensive care unit.

Ironically, Dudenko became famous for her posts dealing with pharmaceuticals. According to RIA, the Russian Investigation Committee has launched an investigation to determine who was responsible for the tragedy.

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