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Nacho And His Wife Separate

Nacho And His Wife Separate
Nacho And His Wife Separate

Video: Nacho And His Wife Separate

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Video: ¡Chino habla del divorcio de Nacho! | De Primera Mano 2023, January

Nacho's still wife, Inger Mendoza, broke the silence after the singer announced that the marriage was not for more.

The ex-dancer and housewife assured her and her children are well.

Thank you for all your messages of support. I know it is not easy to understand, but we are really fine, I'm fine ❤️. Everything has always been in the hands of God and in his hands nothing bad can happen,”he wrote on his Instagram.

“It is inevitable to feel sadness because it is a stage that comes to an end. There are good days and others not so good, but the road continues and we continue walking it with the security of knowing that the Creator's plans are always better than ours (although we kick and throw a little tantrum before obeying his will). I have not been able to read all the messages, but I thank you very much for the solidarity, the prayers, the advice and the good wishes. It does not stop moving me so much affection”.

Nacho, for his part, who was the first to announce the separation, also left a few words for the mother of his children.

“I wish that you should not face the hatred that I have faced for speculation and conclusions that people draw about a situation that does not concern them, I also hope that my actions never unleash reactions against you; I would be incapable of doing something with premeditation to hurt you, affect you or leave you badly stopped,”replied Nacho also with a message on his social networks accompanied by a photomontage of his face with his three children.

The Venezuelan singer and Inger Mendoza were married in 2014 and have three children. But their love seems to have come to an end.

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