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Ana María Canseco Her New Professional Life

Ana María Canseco Her New Professional Life
Ana María Canseco Her New Professional Life

Video: Ana María Canseco Her New Professional Life

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Video: “No conozco a mi padre”: Ana María Canseco en Exclusiva!!! #superación #saludmental #mujer 2023, February

He has been, is, and always will be, one of the most beloved smiles on television. Since leaving the morning show Un Nuevo Día over a year ago, Ana María Canseco has only returned to the small screen to do small segments and collaborations.

So what is the driver doing right now? Despite not being present every day in front of the cameras, Ana María has managed to reinvest herself. He acknowledges that it was very painful to have to say goodbye to the Telemundo program where he spent five wonderful years, but he took this opportunity to make his way in another sector that has opened a new path for him, that of social networks and new technologies.

In them it moves like a fish in water. At 52, she is more active than ever. She has her Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts red hot with updated videos and content. Although without a doubt, what has most fueled all this time has been the blog that bears her name and where she updates us on what is happening in the world of entertainment and entertainment.

Her YouTube channel reactivated it just two weeks ago and she has already delighted us with reports as fun and juicy as she is. The last one has been her trip to the Dominican Republic where she takes us for a walk through her dream places and introduces us to her people.

But there is everything from celebrity interviews to opinion editorials and even beauty topics. Ana María doesn't miss a thing. The same occurs in the rest of her profiles on networks, always updated and personally directed by her to carry out her journalistic work.

The communicator, also responsible for the Échate Pa´ca radio program, has taken advantage of the greater freedom that television took away from her to spend quality time with her family, whom she proudly boasts in her virtual corners.

Travel has also been a haven for this information professional who has never stopped smiling. All the love and respect for you, Ana María.

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