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Dead Father Samuel

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Dead Father Samuel
Dead Father Samuel

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Video: Мой папа умер. My dad is dead [Not asmr / Не асмр] 2023, January

The father of K Pop star Kim Samuel was found dead on Tuesday after being "beaten" to death at his Cabo San Lucas, Mexico residence.

José Arrendondo, 58, of Bakersfield, CA, was discovered in his apartment with blows and "signs of trauma with a blunt object," police said. According to local newspapers, Arredondo was found "on the ground with multiple wounds caused by a knife to the back."

The State Attorney General's Office reported that Arredondo was the owner of the property where his body was found. Personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) transferred his remains to the entity's facilities to perform an autopsy, while authorities continue the investigation.

Arredondo was a car salesman in California and he seemed to be well-liked in his community because he helped DREAMers with scholarships and others in need. He also managed a real estate agency.

On networks fans and followers have expressed their condolences:

"We have seen the report. We have no way to verify it right now,”said spokesmen for Brave Entertainment, the arts agency that until last June handled Kim's career. For his part, James Ranger, pastor of the deceased, confirmed the version that Arredondo was stabbed, according to the Mexican newspaper El Debate.

Samuel Arredondo Kim is a 17-year-old Los Angeles-born artist of Korean and Mexican descent. He has lived in Korea for years and rose to fame in 2017 when he participated in the second season of Produce 101, a popular contest show that seeks new K Pop talents. Thanks to his participation, Kim became a candidate to form the band. Wanna One.

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