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Beach Machete Dog

Beach Machete Dog
Beach Machete Dog

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An innocent dog was rescued on the beaches of West Oahu, Hawaii after a cruel subject buried her alive and wanted to end her life with a machete.

"This beautiful girl was found by one of our team members," the PAWS organization from Hawaii exclaimed on Tuesday on Facebook. "Someone just buried her and they had a machete so who knows what's next."

The poor little animal appeared in photos with its head barely sticking out of the sand. When rescued, he was swollen, severely dehydrated, with ulcers, and was skinless in 90% of his battered body.

The dog - named after Leialoha - was taken to the Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services clinic where they administered serum and blood tests. Thanks to the timely intervention of veterinarians, it has stabilized and has now been placed under the care of an adoptive family.

"[The guy with the machete] thought it would end the dog's suffering, instead of finding help for him," Ku'ulei Durand, executive director of PAWS, told local station KITV-4.

So far there have been no arrests and the Oahu police are trying to determine what exactly happened. "Applying the laws in cases of animal abuse is extremely difficult," lamented the director. "Unless you have a video of an animal being abused, a photo and report will not work."

"There are so many ways to help," says Durand now, about what can be done in this case. Especially that the post has unleashed a wave of comments from good Samaritans offering everything: from help for Leialoha, to a home to welcome the tormented dog.

"Contact your local rescue centers or [animal] shelters to help other abused animals," Durand urges. It's the best that you can do.

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