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120 Years In Prison For A Subject Who Abused His Daughter

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120 Years In Prison For A Subject Who Abused His Daughter
120 Years In Prison For A Subject Who Abused His Daughter

Video: 120 Years In Prison For A Subject Who Abused His Daughter

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Video: Pastor who impregnated his daughters sentenced to 140 years in prison 2023, January

The law has fallen with all its weight on a subject from Bloomfield, Iowa, who for 6 years sexually abused his daughter and shared the videos of his sexual assaults on networks, sometimes even inviting his 'public' to abuse the girl.

The depraved responds to the name of Steven Douglas Crook Jr., 29, and on Monday he received his sentence for abusing the baby from his childhood to his 6 years of life. The guy went so far as to rape her live on networks.

The girl was rescued from her home in March 2018, as revealed in the judicial process. For years, her father took photos of her and, using the Live.ap app, transmitted the abuse to her followers.

When the chilling case was uncovered, authorities revealed that the guy had several electronic devices in his possession where he stored his videos and photos and that even one of his 'work' folders was titled 'Girl Porn and Baby Rape'.

At the hearing on Monday, Stephanie M. Rose, the district judge in charge of the case, referred to Cook as an individual who committed his horrible crimes in a "manipulative", "malicious" and well "thought" way.

The guy admitted his guilt and in his defense alleged that "only" he had abused his daughter "less than 100 times".

Kendra Hoover and Steven Douglas Crook Jr., parents of the abused minor:

"Every time a minor is abused in Iowa, if we have photos or videos of the abuse, the defendant can be charged in federal court and face decades in prison, if not life imprisonment," said Marc Krickbaum in a statement., the district attorney in charge of the case.

The prosecutor also confessed that the abuse went "years without being detected" by the authorities and pointed out the relatives for not reporting it to the police.

Now eyes are on Kendra Hoover, the girl's mother, who is also facing charges for failing to report the abuse and even leaving her girl alone with the depraved subject, even though she had seen videos of her daughter's abuse.

Hoover faces a dozen charges of negligence and endangering the welfare of a minor, among others. His trial begins in December.

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