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Texas Couple Dies Of Rare Illness During Vacation

Texas Couple Dies Of Rare Illness During Vacation
Texas Couple Dies Of Rare Illness During Vacation

Video: Texas Couple Dies Of Rare Illness During Vacation

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Video: Couple Dies From Mystery Illness On Fiji Vacation | TODAY 2023, January

Michelle Paul and David Paul, a young couple from Texas, were enjoying their dream vacation in Fiji. However, just a day before they planned to go home, they contracted a deadly virus and both died. Tracey Canalog, Michelle's sister-in-law, told KVUE about the couple, who used to vacation once a year to different destinations: “They were planning a wonderful vacation. They always wanted to explore."

This time the journey to this heavenly destination ended in tragedy. The parents - who have a two-year-old baby and were raising David's daughter together from a previous relationship - contracted a rare disease that took them to the hospital. "They knew that something was wrong with their bodies and they were able to get to the hospital," Canalog added to the channel.

Unfortunately they were too late as the virus weakened the young couple, who were in good physical shape, within hours. According to Canalog, Michelle had done sports in college and David was a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Michelle died reportedly first and David soon after. The disease that caused their sudden deaths has yet to be revealed. Canalog added to KVUE that the bodies of Michelle and Paul will remain in Fiji until the disease is determined to be non-infectious, and if so, they will have to be cremated. May they rest in peace.

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