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Maluma's House In Colombia
Maluma's House In Colombia

Video: Maluma's House In Colombia

Video: Maluma's House In Colombia
Video: Inside Maluma’s Massive Colombian Mansion | Open Door | Architectural Digest 2023, March

If anyone knows how to live well and enjoy day by day, that is Maluma. The little time that the Colombian spends in her native Medellín is lived as king in a mansion where even a chef cooks for her. If you don't believe it, you better read this interview.

You built the house of your dreams in your native Medellin, how is it?

My house is big, I live there alone, it is a 4-story house.

Do you have a special style?

I have several works of [art]. I really like works of art, [but the most] favorite of my house are my dogs that are Bonnie and Clyde.

Are they the only animals that live on your farm?

I have another Great Dane bitch named Yoda, but hey, Yoda is on a farm. I spend a lot of time there when I am in Medellín because there I have my horses, there is Hercules who is a spectacular horse, I am defeated by him. He is one of my darlings.

I have sheep, cows, I am definitely in love with the field, that is what gives me balance and what balances me in my musical career

Animals and …

I have lettuce harvest, I really like spending time in the field. I'm more of a field than anything else.

When you are on your farm in Colombia, you feel …

This life of entertainment is a surreal life, many people love you, others do not, some want to see your success, others do not. After all, it is a banal lake. And when I get to the farm, to my house I have the true loves that are my animals, my family, touching the ground, literally it is having my feet on the ground.

It is my way of disconnecting from this whole world that gives me many things, but which also takes away from me the other things that are my animals, the land, my house, my home, my family.

I get there for a day or two and I go on a trip again.

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