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Man Pretends To Be Gay And Rapes A Woman

Man Pretends To Be Gay And Rapes A Woman
Man Pretends To Be Gay And Rapes A Woman

Video: Man Pretends To Be Gay And Rapes A Woman

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Video: Man convicted of violently raping woman he pretended to be gay to gain trust of 2023, January

A man in Atlanta raped a woman after convincing his victim that he was gay to gain her trust, PEOPLE confirmed. The crime occurred in September 2015 and Taurence Callagain, 36, was only recently found guilty. The man lied to the woman - whose identity has not been revealed - for her to trust him and accompany him to his home, where he grabbed her by the neck and raped her. The woman is a lesbian and was in a relationship with another woman when the assault occurred.

Callagain threatened to call her friends to put up with her if she yelled and tried to ask for help. The victim revealed that she heard the voice of another man inside the home and was terrified. Callagain met the woman at a subway station in Atlanta in August 2015, according to the prosecution.

Taurence Callagain
Taurence Callagain

"They rode the same train and eventually exchanged their phone numbers," says a statement from the Fulton County District Attorney's office. “The victim is a lesbian and was in a relationship with a woman when she met the accused. Callagain led the victim to believe that he was gay so that she would have the impression that their relationship was strictly platonic.”

According to the statement, the woman was taking two buses and a train to get home after work and the night of the attack she had been late to take one of the buses, so this acquaintance had offered to take her home in her car, avoiding her walk a mile and a half.

"Callagain told him that first he had to stop at his house to collect some marijuana," added the statement. "When they arrived, Callagain and the victim entered his home. At that time, the victim thought they were going to Callagain's room to smoke marijuana together when he began to strangle her and raped her violently."

Eventually the woman managed to escape Callagain's room and leave her home. After running three miles home in the middle of the night, the woman went to a medical center for treatment and called the police. The woman described the interior of the defendant's home and her underwear was found in his laundry basket, the statement said. Before being arrested, Callagain assured investigators that the sexual encounter was consensual. The man is awaiting his sentence.

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