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They Find The Body Of A Man Missing A Decade Ago

They Find The Body Of A Man Missing A Decade Ago
They Find The Body Of A Man Missing A Decade Ago

Video: They Find The Body Of A Man Missing A Decade Ago

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Utah police made a tremendous finding by investigating a call to check on the welfare of residents of Jeanne Souron-Mathers' home since the woman had apparently been missing for about two weeks. Upon arrival at their home, officers found the body of Souron-Mathers lifeless.

But the most surprising thing was that during the search of the home, the agents discovered the body of her husband Paul Mathers in a freezer inside the house.

According to PEOPLE, the officers assured that the man had been there for more than 10 years.

Law enforcement officers also found a letter signed by Mathers, notarized on December 2, 2008, claiming that Souron-Mathers was not responsible for his death. According to the area police, the notary who made faith of the letter assured that the woman did not read it before it was notarized.


Mathers' cause of death remains a mystery, although the Tooele city police investigating the case said the man was terminally ill. According to agents, he may have died between February 4 and March 8, 2009. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the last time Mathers was seen was during a medical appointment on February 4, 2009 in the George E. Wahlen Veterans Affairs Medical Center hospital. He was 58 years old at the time.

Police have opened an investigation to find out Mathers' medical and financial history and whether the Department of Veterans Affairs has been sending payments to the deceased for all these years.

Furthermore, the cause of death for Souron-Mathers has not been established.

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