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Jane Fonda Is Arrested On Capitol Hill

Jane Fonda Is Arrested On Capitol Hill
Jane Fonda Is Arrested On Capitol Hill

Video: Jane Fonda Is Arrested On Capitol Hill

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Video: Jane Fonda Gets Arrested At The Capitol Building 2023, January

Legendary actress and activist Jane Fonda was arrested this Friday in front of the Capitol in Washington DC, during a protest against the climate crisis.

The Hollywood star was living up to his promise to support the cause by joining the rally to demand the necessary attention to this crisis.

The 81-year-old activist had announced her intention to protest, assuring The Washington Post that she had recently moved to the capital to be more active in the cause.

"I am going to take my body, which is something known and popular at the moment by the [Netflix] series and I am going to [Washington DC] and I am going to demonstrate every Friday," the actress told the newspaper, who in her Youth became famous for their opposition to the Vietnam War. "We are going to participate in civil disobedience and we are going to be arrested every Friday."

This Friday, a total of 16 people were arrested for illegally protesting on the eastern front of the United States Capitol, according to Eva Malecki, communications director for the Capitol police.

Malecki confirmed to People that those arrested were charged with various charges, including obstruction.

These actions, according to the actress, are intended to draw the attention of lawmakers to take action on what Fonda called "an existential threat" in an interview with the WTOL network.

"We must ensure that the climate crisis remains in the forefront like a time bomb. We don't have much time and it is urgent,”Fonda told the network.

The actress was the third person to be arrested.

At press time, it was still unknown if he already had a lawyer to comment on the situation.

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