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Boy Noah Four Dies After Falling Into A Pool In Palmdale, California

Boy Noah Four Dies After Falling Into A Pool In Palmdale, California
Boy Noah Four Dies After Falling Into A Pool In Palmdale, California

Video: Boy Noah Four Dies After Falling Into A Pool In Palmdale, California

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Video: Parents Arrested In Suspicious Death Of 4-Year-Old Palmdale Boy Noah Cuatro 2023, January

Authorities in Palmdale, California opened an investigation into the death of a 4-year-old boy who died in a hospital after falling into a swimming pool. The minor Noah Four was under the care of his biological parents, who had been removed from custody of the child on a couple of occasions and who, according to his grandmother, had "begged" not to send him back with them.

According to reports from the office of Alex Villanueva, sheriff of the town, around 4:00 pm last Friday, his offices responded to a call for help, reporting that a boy had fallen into the pool of an apartment complex located at 1200 Avenida S. In their call, the parents assured that the child "almost drowned."

The little boy was immediately taken to the Palmdale Regional Medical Center and later transferred to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where he died, according to the Telemundo T-52 subsidiary, in California.

The investigation was triggered after the coroner's office performed an autopsy on the boy, which revealed traumatic injuries to his body that did not correspond to drowning. Likewise, neighbors pointed out that it was practically "impossible" for the minor to have entered the pool alone, since it is surrounded by a very high fence that he could practically not climb.

"Once the boy was rushed to a local hospital, a body injury was found that was not consistent with drowning," Joe Mendoza, a Palmdale lieutenant sheriff, told the chain. "At this point, we are recovering the case file as we speak, we are going to review that case file and we will have more information in the coming days," Mendoza said.

Noah Four
Noah Four

According to multiple, the minor's parents lost custody when Noah was born and placed in a foster care. Later, he returned to his parents, but after 9 months the custody of the minor was again withdrawn due to mistreatment and malnutrition.

Eva Hernández, the boy's grandmother, told the local KTLA station that from then on the boy lived with her continuously and stable. However, last November the Department of Children and Family Services (DFCS) returned the child to the home of her biological parents, despite protests by the minor and her own grandmother.

"I said to the social workers, 'Please, he doesn't want to leave. He wants to stay here. He begged me,”Hernández lamented in that interview. "He would hold on to me and say, 'Grandma, please don't send me back.' I could not do anything. I just had to send it back."

Hernández also said that from there the boy's mother would not allow him to see him and that the last time he was able to contact him, Noah had changed. “He was no longer the same little boy. He looked so sad and engrossed, "explained the woman, assuring that the little one seemed to be trying to tell him something, but that his mother would not allow it. “If I hadn't taken him from me he would still be here. Children have no voice, "he lamented.

Three more children were removed from the minor's home, including an older brother who has also been under the protection of the DFCS; a 2-year-old girl and a one-month-old baby.

The children's parents have been questioned with no arrests so far.

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