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Emma Stone Got Engaged To Her Boyfriend Dave McCary

Emma Stone Got Engaged To Her Boyfriend Dave McCary
Emma Stone Got Engaged To Her Boyfriend Dave McCary

Video: Emma Stone Got Engaged To Her Boyfriend Dave McCary

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Video: Emma Stone Engaged to Dave McCary: 5 Things to Know About the 'SNL' Director 2023, February

Actress Emma Stone surprised her fans Wednesday night by announcing with a photograph that she had become engaged to her boyfriend, comedian Dave McCary. The image published by McCary on his Instagram account shows the actress happily showing off the ring with which she agreed to be the future lady of the also director of the popular television show Saturday Night Live.

The curious fans, in addition to congratulating the happy couple, wanted to see clearly the ring that was not distinguished in the photo, so sources confirmed to People that it is not the usually expensive ring that Hollywood celebrities boast, but everything contrary.

According to the website for New York fashion jewelry Catbird, of which Meghan Markle, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson are fans, the ring is worth $ 4,780 to the public and was made in the workshop of renowned jeweler Yoshinobu Kataoka in Tokyo. The ring highlights a beautiful peach pearl embedded in an elegant 18k yellow gold hoop, which the actress now proudly boasts.

Stone has kept her relationship with the director quite private, ever since they met in 2016, when the actress starred in a sketch McCary directed. However, their romantic relationship did not flourish until the summer of 2017, according to People, and there have been few occasions when they have been seen together.

"He has never wanted to be famous," a source assured People. "Even partying, he keeps a low profile and doesn't seek attention."

Perhaps that is the key to their relationship.

Congratulations to lovers!

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