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Sebastián Rulli Wedding Bride Angelique Boyer

Sebastián Rulli Wedding Bride Angelique Boyer
Sebastián Rulli Wedding Bride Angelique Boyer

Video: Sebastián Rulli Wedding Bride Angelique Boyer

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Video: ¿Angelique Boyer se quiere casar con Sebastián Rulli? | Hoy 2023, January

Actor Sebastián Rulli is enjoying the success of the series El Dragón (Univision).

During his recent visit to People En Espanol, we caught up with the Argentine and discovered what most caught his attention in this project based on the book by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez Reverte.

“For many of us we are examples to follow, not only as actors but also characters that we play and, especially on television that is aimed at the family, at an open audience. I think we do have a responsibility and today we have to take great care of that. I feel that things can go better, they can be done better,”said gallant of soap operas about the message after the plot. “This is the goal they have in The Dragon. I am very proud to be a part of it.”


As for his personal life, Rulli confessed that he is happier than ever with his girlfriend Angelique Boye r, with whom he does not intend to marry since both agree that their union goes beyond marriage.

We have always discussed it with Angelique. I believe that the objective of life does not depend on a paper or a signature and there is nothing that compromises it more than the word and the act itself. I am not excited in the least. I do not believe in those roles, I do not believe in those commitments, I believe in love, "Rulli confessed.

Don't miss Sebastián Rulli in the El Dragón series Monday through Friday at 10 pm ET on Univision.

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