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Child Dies Moreno Valley California

Child Dies Moreno Valley California
Child Dies Moreno Valley California

Video: Child Dies Moreno Valley California

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Video: Moreno Valley school fight: 13-year-old boy dies after on-campus attack, officials say | ABC7 2023, January

The social phenomenon of bullying seems to have taken a new life. A 13-year-old boy living in Moreno Valley, California died Wednesday after being hit by peers at his high school, the Riverside County Sheriff's Office confirms.

The young man of Hispanic origin identified simply as " Diego " was beaten last September 16 by two 13-year-old classmates inside the Landmark Middle School, located at 15,200 Legendary Drive. A video taken with a mobile phone shows the moment when his attackers hit him in the face and he fell hitting his head with a concrete pillar.

The victim was hospitalized and was declared cynically dead Tuesday night, as confirmed by the California channel KTLA-5. The victim's two attackers have been identified and are now in custody at the Riverside County Youth Center and could face assault charges through the use of force.

The deceased minor's companions told the television station that Diego had been the victim of bullying. This version was confirmed by Patty Rodríguez, the teenager's aunt, who works at the KIIS-FM station with the presenter Ryan Seacrest and who through Twitter said the following: “It was not a fight. He was attacked at school."

The incident provoked the anger of the community that this Wednesday held a vigil in honor of the deceased. According to local media, at one point some of the attendees faced Martinrex Kedziora, school superintendent of the Moreno Valley Unified District, demanding answers for the attack and the alleged harassment of which the young man was a victim before he died.

“When is this going to stop?” A Landmark Middle student, Eindah Phillips, told KTLA. “At this point I don't even believe since it's just the students. I think it is… the district that is not doing anything about it.” "Bullying is something that has been going on in the school district for many years," added a mother who identified herself simply as Margaret. “My son in elementary school. He was harassed."

For his part, Diego's family announced through a statement issued by the sheriff's office that they have decided to donate their organs "to transform this tragedy into a gift for other children."

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call Detective Joshua Manjarrez at 951-955-2777 or ask for John Tometich at 951-486-6700.

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