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Liam Hemsworth Has A New Girlfriend

Liam Hemsworth Has A New Girlfriend
Liam Hemsworth Has A New Girlfriend

Video: Liam Hemsworth Has A New Girlfriend

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Video: Liam Hemsworth Reveals SHOCKING Details About New Girlfriend! 2023, February

They say that a nail takes out another nail, and something similar is happening to Liam Hemsworth who, after two months of announcing his separation from Miley Cyrus, seems to have found love in this beautiful actress.

Her name is Maddison Brown, she is 22 years old and she is an Australian actress, the land where the famous singer's ex also comes from. Together they have been photographed for a walk, laughing and giving each other caresses and furtive kisses without hiding from anything or swimming.

The young woman has participated in the recent reboot of the famous Dynasty series and has before her a promising career that unites her in many ways with her new boyfriend, and an expert in this interpretation.

Judging by her images on social networks, it can be seen that she is an adventurous woman, fun and with clear ideas. He likes sports and nature, two hobbies that he shares with Liam and that surely serves as a union for the newly released lovebirds.

This incipient relationship is made public days after Miley was captured in romantic images with singer Cody Simpson during the artist's admission to the hospital. The young man came to see her and sang an emotional serenade after going through the operating room.

Both she and the one who was her husband seem to have closed that chapter in their lives to live new illusions in the love field. Good luck to you both!

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