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Antonio Basco's Car Is Stolen

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Antonio Basco's Car Is Stolen
Antonio Basco's Car Is Stolen

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Antonio Basco, the man who shook the world by inviting the public to the funeral of his wife who died in the El Paso shooting, has just suffered a new loss.

Just on the same weekend that Basco buried his wife for more than two decades, strangers stole his Ford-branded car and collided with him, leaving him abandoned in a neighborhood in that Texas city.

“Mr. Antonio Basco's car was stolen and crashed last night. My husband took him back to his house this morning,”exclaimed Vanessa Kondow via Facebook, a woman who works as a dispatcher in a crane service in El Paso. "What the hell is wrong with people? He just buried his wife yesterday and now he is my ** da,”lamented the woman, echoing the multiple comments that her post generated in networks.

"The car belonged to his wife, now deceased," Eduardo Moreno, the tow truck driver, told Cleveland 19-News. "[I] picked up the vehicle, took it to his house in a residential area," he said, explaining that the car suffered damage to the windshield, roof and hood. Logically, the owners of the crane company did not erase him and charged the knight a penny.

When the news was known, good Samaritans gave Basco a car just like the one they damaged:

The images of Antonio Basco prostrated before the cross of his deceased wife at a Walmart in El Paso have traveled around the world:

Antonio Basco
Antonio Basco

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Logically, the news of the robbery aroused the generosity of good Samaritans who have rushed to give the widower a new car, even the same color that they stole from.

Ronnie Lowenfield, one of the owners of the Casa Ford Dealership, confirmed to the aforementioned newspaper that the dealership presented Basto with a brand new SUV. "Logically he is still devastated by the tragedy that has occurred, so he is extremely grateful," said the businessman. "Honestly, from my point of view [he's] a humble man who doesn't want a lot of attention and is now getting a lot, so we [just] wanted to offer him this."

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