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Karol G And Anuel AA Engagement

Karol G And Anuel AA Engagement
Karol G And Anuel AA Engagement

Video: Karol G And Anuel AA Engagement

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Video: Anuel AA & Karol G Discuss Touring Together, Their First Kiss On Stage & More | Billboard 2023, February

The couple of the moment, Karol G and Anuel AA, raised rumors of a possible commitment after publishing an image in which the Colombian carries a tremendous ring!

"I want to wake up like this tomorrow … That way you take up the whole bed and I won't fit any more", was the text that the interpreter of "Ocean" used in the emotional message of the image with which she once again declared her love for the Puerto Rican.

However, fans of both artists - neither short nor lazy - did not take long for Carolina's diamond.

They got engaged? What does this ring mean? They were just some of the doubts that followers and commentators had.

Since their romance came to light, the couple have shouted their beautiful romance out loud, they have talked about the engagement and even marriage, so they have caused concern among their fans about the short, but intense relationship they have.

You see, don't panic! The lovebirds are still together and happy, despite having recently revealed that they had ended their romance. Luckily, the breakup was long and momentary, inspiring a romantic theme and seemingly making their courtship even stronger.

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