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Netflix: List Of The Best Documentaries To Watch At Home

Netflix: List Of The Best Documentaries To Watch At Home
Netflix: List Of The Best Documentaries To Watch At Home

Video: Netflix: List Of The Best Documentaries To Watch At Home

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Video: Top 20 Best Netflix Documentaries to Watch Now! 2021 2023, January

From sports stories, to religious leaders, cultural customs and even the insights of the world of music are some of the topics that we include in this catalog with five interesting documentaries that you can find on Netflix.

Wild Wild Country: This six-chapter documentary is about a religious sect led by Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh -Osho, who settled with his followers in community in a small town in central Oregon. Everything is going well until little by little a wave of intolerance, violence and paranoia begins that does not augur a happy ending.

What happened, Miss Simone?: Deserving of an Oscar nomination, this documentary reveals in 100 hours audio, photos and never-before-seen information about music legend and civil rights defender in the United States Nina Simone. It shows in an elegant and intelligent way the struggle of a woman who seeks to liberate herself both in music and as an African American.

Icarus: The critics and the prizes awarded to this documentary make it one of the favorites on the sport. It authentically reveals, on a human scale, the journey of an American athlete undergoing doping with the help of Russian scientists. The work of filmmaker Byran Fogel exposed one of the most commented scandals about how anti-doping controls are circumvented in international competitions.

Period. End of Sentence: This short documentary by 25-year-old Iranian-American director Rayka Zehtabchi takes a 26-minute look at young girls' lives in a rural village in India and their difficult access to menstrual hygiene products. It shows the struggle of women in that country for gender equality and the creation of projects to combat poverty.

The Keepers - Explore the murder of a nun named Catherine Cesnik in 1969, who was about to expose a network of sexual abuse of her teenage students by priests at a Catholic college. He is very explicit when it comes to reporting the abuse of students and investigates the main suspects in the murder of a young woman who wanted to protect the victims.

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